To stretch our boundries into the new era of film making and interactive storytelling, we are hoping to engage students to interact with stories and experience them at the same time using Virtual Reality (VR) technology.


The question is asked and the answer is totally out of touch with reality. 7DS is a VR short film about the desire for more and the human need for excess: the seven deadly sins. It is this little voice inside us that we refuse to see. 4m30 minutes that allow us to think and ask ourselves the question: Which deadly sin(s) am I guilty of?

Besik (The Cradle)

The Cradle cinematic VR is a tragicomedy of absurd re-creating the very moment when a baby sees itself in a mirror. That moment gives thefirst and the most powerful experience of self-representation. The action takes place in surrealistic eastern cityscape filled by uncompleted portraits of citizens. There is a cradle with baby in the center of the scene. Parents stay at the cradle, trying to guess: Whom does baby look like? Mom says: He looks like me! Dad says: No, he takes after me! Aunt says: No, he looks like his Aunt! Uncle says: He is dead ringer of his Uncle! The Cradle cinematic VR is a portrait of personality which will remain forever unfinished.

Dhafira (Braid)

This film tries to give answers to a very important matter. Women's limits.. are they invented by women themselves? Or is reality and the masculin illusion dominance? This film revolves around this idea and tells the story in a coherent rhythm and frequent fast scenes.

L'Ingegnere - The Engineer

The dreams and hopes of a young Engineer who rides his bike along the road of life in search of a work and social identity . A symbolic journey, but also real, on young people and who governs a country, Italy, increasingly disinterested and misleading towards future generations.

Mahr (Bride Price)

Is Bride Price a prerequisite for Marriage? Ahmed finds him in a tight corner as he must find enough money to settle Fatma's hand in marriage. When Ahmed gets to know that he is competing with a wealthy man for Fatma, he thus, must sell whatever he gets his hands on so as to raise Mahr (Bride Price/ Dowry). His struggles are evident as he works hard, but what he can't confirm is if Time is his ally. There's getting money and there's getting money in time. Which of the two is he going to get.

The Strength Within You - Love Wins

A teenager struggles to find his sexual orientation despite the father's disapproval in his homophobic environment. He needs to find that strength to face society's taboo and even more, his own parents who are supposed to be the first ones supporting him. Will he accept his own identity? Will his parents accept him?


Have you ever been inside a paiting? The idea is to show places through the artist's eyes in VR. Maja Wro?ska has drawn 7 different paintings within straight perspective lines which has been stitched together and animated omnidirectional. This a no budget project, we could made it possible thanks to Foundry, which granted us the software for the production time.

The Seesaw

Problems of refugee children leaving their country.Focus the big picture


Arriving The struggle of a mother to recover her daughter.

I -3 Ricardo

"I love Ricardo" is an experimental VR created from images of reflections, exposed light shots, rain, details in containers and smooth surfaces mixed with a large amount of experimental programming code both in the generative realms and in After Effects Expressions . It took around seven months to be created. The excellent soundtrack was one of the milestones of the idea because "Cariñito Dub" impressed me from the beginning. This short film was not made with the 360 VR programs, but observing and exploiting the nature of how the image is distorted today when we digitize these video files. I V3 Ricardo seeks to express a deep love for a significant individual and pretends to have a specific meaning about interpersonal relationships. This short film was made in 2017. The original footage was captured with a DSRL camera and a sports camera.


A millennial boy wakes up to find himself tied to a chair in a parking lot, only to discover that help is not on the way.


While visiting an art gallery, a woman(Asfur), which seems pretty modern and stylish, is impressed by a particular photograph. She gets closer and by its impression, passes over the red line which is forbidden. She begins to dream about her own past. Remembers all the pain, harm and fears she once lived deeply. She even forgets the gallery and freezes like a Stone. At the time, a gallery employee notices Asfur crossing the red line. And warns her uncomprimoingly. This warning startles Asfur and makes her live all pain, harm and fears again for while. The things that Asfur has gotten through makes us think about crossing lines, talling apart, adoptation to a new life… Questioning freedom, borders… “To whom, which left one wing of a pair at the borders”…

The Scarlet Spire

An Introduction to the Scarlet Spire...

The Color of Soul

A rapist, who rape a 10-year-old child in the dark. Every day after the rape, the rapist's soul arrived in front of the rapist. The soul told the rapist, that the 10-year-old child she raped in the dark was her own daughter. The blood of his own daughter's genital lingering in his own paints, all of his turn, shuffles.


Since the dawn of time there was no problem when you had the urge to pee in the forest. You just needed to pick a tree. But times are changing...

The Bearytales

Did You know that the grizzly bear is not such a big loner, how people claims about him? This and four other interesting facts from the world of bears can be found in the short animated movie The Bearytales.

Raven Mother

Raven mother is an animated ballad, inspired by stories of the times when fates of men were binded with the ones of the other beings. Man and Woman are carrying burden in a form of their marked son - baby with the raven peak and claws.

Zoo Story

Short story about a curious girl, who is in the zoo with her mom. What plan will a friendly girl devise, when she meets lonely gorilla and her mom is busy with bussines calls?

Shadows of Society



Someone in a quiet area asked help from the people who he sees till someone enters the house and suddenly...

The Cradle

The Cradle -Cinematic Virtual Reality is a tragicomedy of absurd re-creating the very moment when a baby sees itself in a mirror. That moment gives the first and the most powerful experience of self-representation.


A person who sees his twin on the street and follows him goes back to his first place.

Journeys through Space and Time

Journeys always involve some form of change, be it physical journeys involving change in location or appearance; or spiritual journeys that affect and change state of mind. Irrespective of the kind of journey, there is a literal and figurative association with change in space and time. My animated short film explores change in direction, perspective, and repeating patterns nature by placing the viewer in the center of a virtual 3D kaleidoscope.


The Artist is tired of what he sees in the real world; the sounds of the town are devastating and he wanders with all thoughts in his head. He suddenly goes after some of his artworks from the past; Pictures of the mountains with strolling deers, beautiful seas and migrating birds. He knows nothing is the same now. So he takes his artworks and he tells the story of human destruction by renewing his artworks piece by piece.

Trellebelle Ukulele Orchestra

Musicvideo 360 video VR

Night Guest

NIGHT GUEST A girl works as a security guard at a construction site and her life is threatened when a stranger comes to her quarters at night. She is bewildered by his on the one hand surprising on the other scary actions. These unexpected events change her life

The Passenger

an animated film about forced migration, brain migration, and global migration

The strength within you - DUI

Drinking and having fun can also be dangerous, specially if you are trying to drive your very protective car...or is it? Lina lives life at large but when she is trying to go home after a fun night at the bar, she encounters some unexpected difficulties to get her car moving until something happens that changes everything in her mind.


Child says to Bab that I saw the Seven Blinds in his dream. Bab tells child story of the dream. Child carries Bab to near the Six Blinds who are his brother. Bab has lived in cage for a long time. This cage door of dream. Child is lock for this dream. Every seen dream is answer with not seen part of it at the same time.

Jumma - another Friday

Mumbai is living in pain and religion straining the daily life all the more. Watch this short film to find out what happens a day before 15th August.

The Red Butterfly

Trapped into a slaving machine, humans suffer until...

Route 360

Teddy and Nora carry a corpse in the trunk of the car when they are about to run over Melania, a young woman who asks for help.


The widow of Trabzon's 85-year-old Hemdiye Asan was a dark Trabzonspor supporter. Before his wife died, he wanted to go to Trabzonspor matches as a testament to Hemdiye Nineye and to support Trabzonspor in matches. Though it has been 25 years since the death of the goddess Nina's wife, she has not missed any Trabzonspor match so far to fulfill her will. Hemdiye Nine does not stay with this and supports the fans by selling Trabzonspor hats and selling them before the match. Due to his loyalty to the goddess Nina, he still continues to go to matches despite his age.


Selfie The fore-camera and the little boy that the man forgot the man's essence will remember the true sharing.

The Taste of Relation

A Hindu family attempts to hang on to tradition after being uprooted and moving to Canada. Stuck in a society that directly contradicts their core values, the family members slowly succumb to temptation and greed. Perhaps if they can just remember the values their family was founded on, they can find the strength to weather whatever challenges come their way.

Caique's pool

Dreaming of having a pool, Caique and his inseparable friend have fun sliding on the wet and soaped floor of the service area. As he wastes water, Caique ends up creating problems with his mother.


A little boy past his weekends with his father. the weekends are not much satisfactory

As if

In an enclosed space, a well-dressed journalist writes a Kurdish news on a computer. At that moment music box plays which is the gift of his child. Then the phone rings. The caller is his lawyer. He tells him that he acquitted of the case against confiscated book . The journalist be happy and turn off the phone. Here, it is noticeable that he often blink his eyes. After a while we see the journalist from prison security camera. There are different clothes on him. There is neither a computer nor a telephone in front of him. He still thinks he wrote. At that moment, we understood that what is happened all of that in his mind.

Rend It

"Rend it" is a film diary from Madrid, my hometown. This film means a moment of change and transition of my life. I used super8 and 35mm.

Coffee Shop

Sabahci kahvesi tells the story of a day in Selims life who works as an extra in movies. The film crew stands ready in an old 'Sabahci Kahvesi' near Eyup, with its fogged over windows and an atmospheric light supplied By strong florescent bulbs. Selim provides the audience with a perspective on specific members of the film crew from the inside. The character of the extra he is playing and his true persona enter a loop with the repeating directives given by the director and the loop keeps going on from the abuse he recieves from the starring actor Erkan. As the set day comes to an end While Erkans makeup is being redone, selim and his old extra friend get thier wage and take off to their homes.


In 1944 one woman is forced to face the harsh realities of war and experience the true meaning of solitude.

The Last Floor

In a very claustrophobic environment, this horror movie tells the story of Alma: a shy girl who gets stuck with Eduardo inside an elevator.

Guardian of the Witches

When someone knocks on your door, the question is, who can it be? Does he come? But on HALLOWEEN's night there is only one question. And she only has one chance to give the right answer: Trick or treat?